An Ingredient in Chef Town is an item used to either cook a recipe or craft another ingredient. All ingredients have an intended maximum capacity of 10, though this feature is not yet implemented in the game.

Obtaining Ingredients

Raw ingredients are obtained from stands, plants, and crops, while crafted ingredients are obtained from stores. Many ingredients can also earned as task rewards, daily bonuses, or by spinning the Wheel Truck. Finally, all ingredients can be purchased using gems.

Stand Ingredients

Template:Main Stand ingredients can be harvested an unlimited number of times from a permanent object. These objects initially each yield one ingredient but can be upgraded with gems to yield up to three of their respective ingredient. Stands need to refill after each harvest, during which time they cannot be harvested. There are 43 stands available:

Stand Ingredient Refill Time
Stand-Arugula Arugula Ingredient-Arugula Arugula 20 minutes
Stand-Bacon Bacon Ingredient-Bacon Bacon 25 minutes
Stand-Beef Beef Ingredient-Beef Beef 10 minutes
Stand-Celery Celery Ingredient-Celery Celery 6 hours
Stand-Chicken Chicken Ingredient-Chicken Chicken 30 minutes
Stand-Cinnamon Cinnamon Ingredient-Cinnamon Cinnamon 2 hours
Stand-Clams Clams Ingredient-Clam Clam 4 hours
Stand-Crab Crab Ingredient-Crab Crab 2 hours30 minutes
Stand-Eggs Eggs Ingredient-Egg Egg 3 minutes
Stand-Flour Flour Ingredient-Flour Flour 5 minutes
Stand-Flower Stand Flower Stand Ingredient-Flower Flower 8 hours
Stand-Ginger Ginger Ingredient-Ginger Ginger 5 hours
Stand-Goat Milk Goat Milk Ingredient-Goat Milk Goat Milk 15 minutes
Stand-Green Peas Green Peas Ingredient-Green Peas Green Peas 4 hours
Stand-Green Pepper Green Pepper Ingredient-Green Pepper Green Pepper 3 hours
Stand-Ham Ham Ingredient-Ham Ham 40 minutes
Stand-Honey Honey Ingredient-Honey Honey 1 hour
Stand-Ice Ice Ingredient-Ice Ice 20 minutes
Stand-Lamb Lamb Ingredient-Lamb Lamb 45 minutes
Stand-Lobster Lobster Ingredient-Lobster Lobster 1 hour30 minutes
Stand-Milk Milk Ingredient-Milk Milk 2 minutes
Stand-Olive Oil Olive Oil Ingredient-Olive Oil Olive Oil 30 minutes
Stand-Oysters Oysters Ingredient-Oyster Oyster 4 hours
Stand-Pepper Pepper Ingredient-Pepper Pepper 8 hours
Stand-Pork Pork Ingredient-Pork Pork 2 hours30 minutes
Stand-Prosciutto Prosciutto Ingredient-Prosciutto Prosciutto 1 hour
Stand-Raisins Raisins Ingredient-Raisins Raisins 3 hours20 minutes
Stand-Red Beans Red Beans Ingredient-Red Beans Red Beans 5 hours
Stand-Salad Greens Salad Greens Ingredient-Salad Greens Salad Greens 7 hours
Stand-Salmon Lake Salmon Lake Ingredient-Salmon Salmon 1 hour
Stand-Salt Salt Ingredient-Salt Salt 2 hours
Stand-Sausage Sausage Ingredient-Sausage Sausage 2 hours
Stand-Seaweed Seaweed Ingredient-Seaweed Seaweed 6 hours
Stand-Shitake Mushroom Shitake Mushroom Ingredient-Shitake Mushroom Shitake Mushroom 7 hours
Stand-Shrimp Shrimp Ingredient-Shrimp Shrimp 1 hour
Stand-Spinach Spinach Ingredient-Spinach Spinach 30 minutes
Stand-Striped Bass Striped Bass Ingredient-Striped Bass Striped Bass 1 hour30 minutes
Stand-Sugar Sugar Ingredient-Sugar Sugar 15 minutes
Stand-Tuna Tuna Ingredient-Tuna Tuna 5 hours
Stand-Turkey Turkey Ingredient-Turkey Turkey 2 hours
Stand-Vanilla Vanilla Ingredient-Vanilla Vanilla 15 minutes
Stand-Vinegar Vinegar Ingredient-Vinegar Vinegar 15 minutes
Stand-Wasabi Root Wasabi Root Ingredient-Wasabi Root Wasabi Root 3 hours
Stand-Water Water Ingredient-Water Water 10 minutes

Plant Ingredients

Plant ingredients can be harvested three times for a single ingredient each time. There are two types of plants: trees/bushes and wild seedlings.

Trees & Bushes

Tree and bush plants need to refill between harvests and must be thrown away after their third harvest. Additionally, only two of each tree or bush can be planted at a time; players can obtain more than two of a plant through expansions but cannot purchase additional plants until less than two of that particular plant exists.

Plant Ingredient Refill Time
Tree-Almond Almond Ingredient-Almond Almond 1 hour20 minutes
Tree-Apple Apple Ingredient-Apple Apple 5 minutes
Tree-Apricot Apricot Ingredient-Apricot Apricot 45 minutes
Tree-Avocado Avocado Ingredient-Avocado Avocado 12 hours
Tree-Banana Banana Ingredient-Banana Banana 1 hour30 minutes
Bush-Blackberry Blackberry Ingredient-Blackberry Blackberry 45 minutes
Bush-Blueberry Blueberry Ingredient-Blueberry Blueberry 30 minutes
Tree-Cherry Cherry Ingredient-Cherry Cherry 45 minutes
Tree-Cocoa Cocoa Ingredient-Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans 1 hour
Tree-Coconut Coconut Ingredient-Coconut Coconut 2 hours
Bush-Coffee Coffee Ingredient-Coffee Beans Coffee Beans 15 minutes
Bush-Cranberry Cranberry Ingredient-Cranberry Cranberry 20 minutes
Tree-Fig Fig Ingredient-Fig Fig 1 hour20 minutes
Tree-Kiwi Kiwi Ingredient-Kiwi Kiwi 4 hours
Tree-Lemon Lemon Ingredient-Lemon Lemon 15 minutes
Tree-Lime Lime Ingredient-Lime Lime 2 hours
Tree-Mango Mango Ingredient-Mango Mango 5 hours
Tree-Maple Maple Ingredient-Maple Sap Maple Sap 1 hour15 minutes
Tree-Olive Olive Ingredient-Olive Olive 6 hours
Tree-Orange Orange Ingredient-Orange Orange 2 hours
Tree-Peach Peach Ingredient-Peach Peach 8 hours
Tree-Pear Pear Ingredient-Pear Pear 1 hour
Tree-Pecan Pecan Ingredient-Pecan Pecan 1 hour30 minutes
Bush-Pineapple Pineapple Ingredient-Pineapple Pineapple 5 minutes
Bush-Raspberry Raspberry Ingredient-Raspberry Raspberry 10 minutes
Tree-Walnut Walnut Ingredient-Walnut Walnut 2 hours

Wild Seedlings

Wild seedlings can be harvested three times with no refill cooldown and vanish after their third harvest. There is no limit to how many seedlings a player can have, and they can randomly appear on empty grass. Seedlings purchased from the Shop need to grow before their first harvest. There are four types of wild seedlings:

Seedling Ingredient Grow Time
Seedling-Mushrooms Mushrooms Ingredient-Mushroom Mushroom 1 minute
Seedling-Wild Asparagus Wild Asparagus Ingredient-Wild Asparagus Wild Asparagus 3 minutes
Seedling-Wild Onion Wild Onion Ingredient-Wild Onion Wild Onion 2 minutes
Seedling-Wild Radish Wild Radish Ingredient-Wild Radish Wild Radish 5 minutes

Crop Ingredients

Crop ingredients must be planted in a plot and can be harvested one time each for one ingredient. Like wild seedlings crops need to grow before harvesting.

Crop Ingredient Grow Time
Crop-Orange Pepper Orange Pepper Ingredient-Orange Pepper Orange Pepper 30 minutes
Crop-Strawberry Strawberry Ingredient-Strawberry Strawberry 10 minutes
Crop-Garlic Garlic Ingredient-Garlic Garlic 5 minutes
Crop-Carrot Carrot Ingredient-Carrot Carrot 1 hour
Crop-Lettuce Lettuce Ingredient-Lettuce Lettuce 2 hours
Crop-Tomato Tomato Ingredient-Tomato Tomato 2 minutes
Crop-Potato Potato Ingredient-Potato Potato 2 minutes
Crop-Corn Corn Ingredient-Corn Corn 3 minutes
Crop-Rice Rice Ingredient-Rice Rice 4 hours
Crop-Broccoli Broccoli Ingredient-Broccoli Broccoli 2 minutes
Crop-Pumpkin Pumpkin Ingredient-Pumpkin Pumpkin 8 hours
Crop-Yellow Pepper Yellow Pepper Ingredient-Yellow Pepper Yellow Pepper 45 minutes
Crop-Red Pepper Red Pepper Ingredient-Red Pepper Red Pepper 1 minute
Crop-Cucumber Cucumber Ingredient-Cucumber Cucumber 3 minutes
Crop-Artichoke Artichoke Ingredient-Artichoke Artichoke 12 hours
Crop-Radicchio Radicchio Ingredient-Radicchio Radicchio 4 hours
Crop-Eggplant Eggplant Ingredient-Eggplant Eggplant 30 minutes
Crop-Chili Pepper Chili Pepper Ingredient-Chili Pepper Chili Pepper 1 hour
Crop-Rosemary Rosemary Ingredient-Rosemary Rosemary 30 minutes
Crop-Mint Mint Ingredient-Mint Mint 10 minutes
Crop-Zucchini Zucchini Ingredient-Zucchini Zucchini 2 hours30 minutes
Crop-Basil Basil Ingredient-Basil Basil 5 minutes
Crop-Watermelon Watermelon Ingredient-Watermelon Watermelon 10 minutes
Crop-Soy Beans Soy Beans Ingredient-Soy Beans Soy Beans 45 minutes
Crop-Sugar Cane Sugar Cane Ingredient-Sugar Cane Sugar Cane 1 hour30 minutes
Crop-Cantaloupe Cantaloupe Ingredient-Cantaloupe Cantaloupe

Crafted Ingredients

Crafted Ingredients are created in stores using raw and/or other crafted ingredients.

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