Brick Oven
Appliance-Brick Oven
Image © Nanobit
# of Recipes:13
Level Required:12
Build Time:4 hours
Cost:Currency-Coin 3000
Location:Brick Oven Area

The Brick Oven is an appliance in Chef Town. Players can unlock it by expanding to the Brick Oven Area, but if it is sold after first being obtained it must be repurchased from the Shop for Currency-Coin 3000 and requires 4 hours to rebuild.


There are 13 recipes available on the Brick Oven:

Recipe Level XP Time
Dish-Roast Beef Roast Beef 3 Icon-XP 7 XP 2 minutes
Dish-Ratatouille Ratatouille 6 Icon-XP 9 XP 10 minutes
Dish-Honey Salmon Honey Salmon 8 Icon-XP 11 XP 30 minutes
Dish-Chicken Escalopes Chicken Escalopes 19 Icon-XP 18 XP 1 hour
Dish-Ghost Shaped Egg Ghost Shaped Egg 15 Icon-XP 75 XP 1 hour
Dish-Quatro Stagioni Pizza Quatro Stagioni Pizza 24 Icon-XP 37 XP 2 hours
Dish-Pork Chops Pork Chops 29 Icon-XP 55 XP 4 hours
Dish-Goat Cheese Tapas Goat Cheese Tapas 31 Icon-XP 57 XP 6 hours
Dish-Hawaii Pizza Hawaii Pizza 11 Icon-XP 54 XP 6 hours
Dish-Mushroom Risotto Mushroom Risotto 17 Icon-XP 82 XP 8 hours
Dish-Turkey Roll Turkey Roll 26 Icon-XP 80 XP 10 hours
Dish-Striped Bass with Mushrooms Striped Bass with Mushrooms 33 Icon-XP 99 XP 12 hours
Dish-Baked Beans Baked Beans 40 Icon-XP 107 XP 16 hours
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